Lovely Greens Manx Honey

Get jars of golden Manx honey from Lovely Greens. The honey comes from ‘Bluebell’ and ‘Primrose’, Tanya’s two colonies of Isle of Man bees. The honey is raw and and the bees create it using the wildflowers and trees that grow in Laxey.

Hello, fans of raw Manx honey 🍯 You probably already know that I use honey from my two honeybee colonies in the Manx honey soap. I also use beeswax from them, as well as from other Isle of Man beekeepers, in the lip balms, salve, and body balm. I do sell jars of Manx honey though too! My supply is small and I usually don’t advertise that I have it available. However, if you’d like to get a jar from me, please email me and/or sign up for the Lovely Greens Manx honey mailing list.

Lovely Greens honey is usually available in late summer to early winter and is available for pick-up only from Lezayre. The price is £7.50 per 1-lb jar. Payment can be by cash or debit/credit card at the point of pick-up.

There are also some videos showing the bees and how I extract honey on the Lovely Greens YouTube Channel