Soapmaking Workshop in the Isle of Man

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Make your own handmade, natural soap in a small class on the Isle of Man. You’ll make 12 bars on the day with your choice of essential oils, dried flowers, and natural colours.


In Lovely Greens soapmaking workshops in the Isle of Man, you’ll learn to make natural soap using pure oils,natural colour, and fragrance.

In this natural soapmaking workshop, you’ll make two batches (10-12 bars) of handmade soap using pure oils, natural fragrances, natural colours, and dried flowers and botanicals. Each workshop can have up to nine people in attendance, which makes for a small, fun, and creative group. After the class, you’ll take your soap home, slice it into bars, cure it, and be on your way to being self-sufficient in cold-process soap making.

Making your own soap is a creative and useful skill to have, and once you learn how, you can make your own bars of natural soap for personal use or to give as gifts to friends and family. Read reviews for Lovely Greens soapmaking workshops.

Five batches of soap made in the Lovely Greens soapmaking workshop

Make Two Batches of Handmade Soap

The workshop begins with an introduction to cold-process soapmaking and a tour of the different stations in the room. You’ll then choose soap additives for your first batch of soap and jump right into making it. Afterward, there’s a short 10-minute break before you move straight into making a second batch. Some of the essential oils you can choose from include lavender, patchouli, citronella, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, rose geranium, and ylang-ylang. You could go for unscented, too. Dried flowers and soap colorants can also be used to decorate and naturally colour your bars.

Soap Making Workshops on the Isle of Man. In Lovely Greens soap making lessons you'll learn to make natural soap using pure oils and natural colour and fragrance #lovelygreens #isleofman #soap
Soapmaking workshops are up to nine people who can book individually or as groups.

Online Natural Soapmaking Course

If you are unable to visit the Isle of Man for this workshop, you can enroll in the online soapmaking course. Through videos, I take you through the basics of making handmade cold-process from scratch, including step-by-step soap recipes. It’s a great way to learn to make homemade soap, and it includes far more detail than I’m able to go through in the in-person workshop. No matter where you are in the world, I’ll guide you through the process from the comfort of your kitchen.

In the workshop, you get to choose which soap colorants, fragrances, and decorations you’d like for your batches.

What to Bring On The Day

Soapmaking workshops are held at the Laxey Working Men’s Institute on the Isle of Man. They begin at 2 p.m. and are about 2 to 2.5 hours long. Hot beverages and nibbles are served during the lesson, and most equipment and materials are provided. When you come to the workshop, please bring an apron, a cardboard box/shoebox, and an old towel. Paper drinks cartons are provided as soap molds, but you may also bring your own if you wish. Here’s where you can find an excellent assortment of silicone molds*. After your soap is made, you’ll take it home and cure it for a month before using it.

Soap Making Workshops on the Isle of Man. In Lovely Greens soap making lessons you'll learn to make natural soap using pure oils and natural colour and fragrance #lovelygreens #isleofman #soap
You’ll make two batches of soap in the workshop and get to choose which scents and colours you’d like for both.

Workshop Terms and Conditions

This is an adults-only workshop, and you may also purchase places in soapmaking workshops to give as gifts. Please indicate if you would like a free gift voucher sent to you during the checkout process. If you’d like to purchase a general voucher for any of the soapmaking workshops in the next 12 months, you can do so here. The recipient would get in touch to book the date they wish to attend.

Places in Lovely Greens workshops may be canceled for a full refund up to seven days before the workshop. After this date, refunds are not available, and further information is here.

Further Information

  • Lovely Greens is currently not taking private bookings.
  • Scheduled workshops are for adults only — no children under 18 years of age.

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25 reviews for Soapmaking Workshop in the Isle of Man

  1. Joanne Gill (verified owner)

    What a fabulous day myself and sisters had making soap with the very creative and knowledgeable Tanya from lovely greens. I learnt so much from the safety and chemical process that Tanya shared that it’s given me the confidence to give it a go now from home. Tanya was also very helpful regarding products and where is best to purchase safe good quality ingredients from and we also received the recipe. Brilliant. Thanks for a great day.

  2. Sue Colley (verified owner)

    Myself and a couple of friends had a great time at Tanya’s soap making course in July. We learnt a lot about the ingredients and how to make soap. Very educational and a fun afternoon. Would highly recommend it.

  3. Ruth K (verified owner)

    My friends and I had a wonderful time at Tanya’s soap making class earlier this year. Tanya is so knowledgeable and such a good, natural (and patient) teacher – the background to the ingredients that go into soap, as well as the whole process of making it was so interesting – like alchemy!
    Our soaps smelled and looked beautiful, and we’ve been really enjoying using them – they are moisturising, lovely and natural.

    Thanks Tanya – it was a great afternoon!

  4. Anne Blythe (verified owner)

    A really fun and educational afternoon customising your soap with the various fragrances and colours on offer. This was a wonderful Christmas present and a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which Tanya delivered so well. Would highly recommend all her products and most definitely the soap making course. Allan and Anne

  5. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I went to the class in February and loved it. It’s something I had wanted to do for years, but the caustic soda made me nervous. It’s fantastic using soap you’ve made yourself. I’ve since made a batch of castile soap, and my ingredients for more soap arrived today.

  6. Tina

    Great time at the soap class this weekend. Tanya was very informative and we all had lots of fun and made some excellent soaps. Thanks Tanya a very enjoyable afternoon

  7. Heather Delaney (verified owner)

    Hi Tanya, thank you for the opportunity to take part in the soap making on Saturday.
    It was a very informative and fun afternoon. The information you gave us was enlightening and something I had never thought about when purchasing bars of soap. I can’t wait to start using my soap.

  8. Bridget Newbery

    Hi Tanya, I would like to say a really big thank you as I thoroughly enjoyed your soap making class on Saturday. You were super organised and so informative that I learnt a lot, but equally important, it was a fun afternoon and very relaxing. A wonderful way to spend a few hours with my dear friend who bought me the class as a Christmas present! What a great idea!! I’m probably going to sign up for another class with my daughter as I’m sure she would love to try her hand at soap making too.

  9. Jen Quayle (verified owner)

    My friends and I really enjoyed our afternoon making soap with Tanya. I thoroughly recommend it! What a lovely relaxing way to spend an afternoon! I’m so pleased with my soaps and my house smells beautiful at the moment. Thanks so much Tanya.

  10. Philippa (verified owner)

    I loved Tanya’s workshop! It was fun and much easier than I thought to make my own soap. Now I have my own handmade soap bars to give out as little gifts to family and friends. Thanks Tanya! Will be back again for another workshop :)

  11. Kate Corkill (verified owner)

    What a lovely, fun, interesting and relaxing afternoon making soap. My daughter and I really enjoyed it. Tanya is such a good teacher, explaining the whole process in a clear way and was always on hand to give advice. She also follows up a couple of days later with more advice on curing the soap. We now have some lovely bars of soap which will be ready just in time for Christmas gifts. The venue was perfect and the cookies were delicious. We highly recommend this class. Thanks Tanya.

  12. Michelle

    I loved Tanya’s soap making class! She is so friendly and professional. Everything was set up before we arrived so we could get down to the learning and fun. She explained everything as we went along and provided a relaxed environment, allowing us to get creative. It was great learning about the process while experiencing first hand how to make natural soap. I would highly recommend Tanya’s class as it is such a different day out. To top it off there was tea, coffee and chocolate cake with cream. What a spoil!

  13. Zoe

    What an amazing experience, we booked the class for a friends hen do and we all had such a wonderful time. I am super pleased with the soap I made and will cherish the skill that I learned on the day. Tanya is a great teacher and a total professional making sure that we all had fun but also were kept safe. Brilliant day out ! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have an informative and fun day out !

  14. Carol Johnson

    One of the best workshops I have been on. Tanya is an excellent teacher, giving us a great insight into soap making, and helping us with our own recipes, no rush to get on, plenty of time to mull fragrances and botanicals, while listen ing to the birds singing around the garden. And cat cuddles too! I am made up with my soaps, which were meant to be gifts but might be kept by me. A fascinating day, which I found really relaxing and fragrant, and made me want to do another class.

  15. Hannah Watson

    What a lovely way to spend a few hours! Being a lover of homemade goodies, I was really looking forward to going on this course. It did not disappoint!
    Tanya was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about soap making. You could tell just how much she loved the process and how passionate she is about using sustainable ingredients. From the oils we used for the soap base, to scent combinations, she was a brilliant teacher!
    I cannot recommend this highly enough. Great fun and very addictive 😍
    Thank you Tanya. X

  16. June Whiteman

    Thank you for a special day yesterday. I love learning new things and your workshop was well organised and so enjoyable. Lovely meeting new people too.

  17. Kate

    I would thoroughly recommend an afternoon of soap-making with Tanya. We had loads of fun and it was interesting to learn how natural soap is made, with the bonus of being able to keep 2 large batches each. Roll on 20 November when we can road-test our creations…! Thanks again.

  18. Katy Duff

    We made some lovely chocolate and vanilla soaps which made great Christmas presents and felt lovely and soft to use in the shower. It was a excellent way to spend the afternoon with your friends and we were given plenty of tea and very tasty honey cake to keep us going. I would recommend this work shop as we were looked after extremely well by Tanya.

  19. Debbie

    Hi Tanya
    I just wanted to send a message to say how lovely the soap that I made at yours is! I’m really enjoying using it. I’ve also started using it to wash my hair! An experiment that seems to be working well so far.

  20. Heather Paisley

    This was my second of Tanya’s workshops, so you can see that I enjoyed it. The first time was with a larger group and I went again with just two of us to reinforce the skills because I want to make soap at home, and also to learn how to do swirls and so on in the soap. I had a lovely day and am really feeling confident about making my own soap now. I am really pleased with how my soaps turned out and can’t wait to use them. As before, the session was really well organised and Tanya makes it all so easy. Highly recommended – don’t hesitate, treat yourself. All the materials are included and you come out with two batches of gorgeous soap.

  21. Swasti Behari

    After a month in hibernation (dehydrating), they [the soaps] are ready to use. And smell amazing :D just used one. They lather well and non drying. Highly Recommend the class. See photo of the soaps:

  22. Aly Lewin

    I had great fun on the Lovely Green soap making workshop. I hadn’t actually appreciated the chemistry that goes into soap making and I’m quite glad I didn’t try to attempt it myself at home! I still have the soaps I made and people love to receive them as presents.

  23. Janet Wild

    A small group of us booked a soap making class with Tanya and had the most amazing time. Everything was well organised, relaxed and fun. We were able to choose our own essential oils and colours with the help of Tanya’s expert knowledge and came away with lots of beautiful natural soap. All Lovely Greens products are of the highest quality but there is something very special about beautiful handmade soap. Another delight was the tea break with freshly baked cakes! I have enjoyed giving my soap as gifts and will be booking another session with Tanya soon to re-stock. Thank you Tanya for a lovely green experience x

  24. Jenny

    I went to one of Tanya’s soap making one to one sessions after receiving a voucher as a birthday gift. I can confidently say it was one of the best birthday presents! I’ve wanted to learn to make soap for a while but have always been put off by the chemicals involved. Tanya was a patient teacher and really explained things well – I felt totally confident in learning to make soap safely!

    The afternoon was loads of fun and the honey cake was delicious! Plus you get to bring home plenty of soap to use later – a gift that keeps on giving! Getting to try out different essential oils and play with colors was really cool and the actual transformation of raw ingredients to soap was fascinating to see up close.

    I feel totally confident in trying to make soap at home now and with the clear written instructions Tanya provided I am sure I will be able to have a go at home. Now all I need to do is buy some ingredients to start what I am sure will be an addictive hobby!

    Thanks Tanya!

  25. Jayne Evett (verified owner)

    Although there are plenty of articles on the Internet about making soap there’s nothing like one to one training. Tanya’s course covers all of the basics and really sets you up for going home and trying it by yourself. The course really gave me the confidence to make my own soap and it is so fulfilling to create you’re own soap with you favourite essential oils and knowing that there is nothing nasty in the soap. And on top of this there was tea/coffee and flapjacks! You can do the course on your own or with friends and Tanya is a great teacher.

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