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Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £9.95.

Your choice of any three of our natural and handmade soaps for £9.95. All are made with blends of pure essential oils, high quality oils, botanicals, natural colour, and lots of love.


Sale on Lovely Greens Natural Isle of Man Soap

Select any three bars of natural soap for £9.95. Use the menus above to choose three different soaps, three of the same, or any combination of your choice.

Lovely Greens soaps come in a range of natural colours and scents from the floral Rose Geranium and Lavender to Sunny Calendula. Each bar is made by hand using pure coconut oil, olive oil, and other skin-loving ingredients, some of which that are grown locally. The bars are hard, lather very well, and are gentle on your skin.

Our natural soap bars are sent to you without packaging making them plastic-free and as eco-friendly as possible.

If kept on a draining board/dish, the soap lasts a long time and can be used in both the bath and shower. Read all reviews.

“These soaps are wonderful! They lather well and last a long time. The Herbal Hand Soap in particular is very moisturising and soothing, very good after a day in the garden or just for general use.” – Jayne”

“I use the Pure and Natural soap as I have veryyy sensitive skin, and I absolutely love it. It is very mild whilst still being cleansing, and there are no nasties in the ingredients list!” – Tamsin”

Choose from this selection of natural soap handmade on the Isle of Man:

Manx Honey • gorgeously scented with honey from our own bees
Herbal Hand Soap • gently scrubby rosemary and citrus hand soap
Pure & Natural • unscented and very sensitive
Natural Peppermint • zesty yet gentle soap, good for oily skin
Rose Geranium & Lavender • a floral blend naturally coloured with madder root
Natural Lavender • scented with pure lavender essential oil
Sunny Calendula • lemony scented with golden calendula flower petals
Goat Milk Soap • an unscented, sensitive bar, made with creamy goats milk
Flower of Flowers • sweet and floral ylang ylang with a subtle grounding element of patchouli
Sweet Orange • fragrant orange essential oil blended with orange zest
If you don’t see a type available in the pull-down menu, that means that it’s temporarily out of stock

Isle of Man Soap Sale
Handcrafted Isle of Man soap is 100% natural, Vegan/Vegetarian, SLS/SLES free, palm-oil free, and contains no preservatives. All the colours, herbs, and fragrances in our soaps are pure and natural and grown and sourced locally when possible. Each soap weighs approximately 90g

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32 reviews for Packaging-free Natural Soap Sale

  1. Hannah Larkin (verified owner)

    Beautiful soaps which are clearly made with a lot of care. I have sensitive skin and thanks to the natural ingredients used, I am able to use these soaps and other Lovely Greens products with no problems. Dispatch and postage has always been really fast for me and I love that there is a packaging free option too!

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    So pleased I found these natural soaps, the sunny calendula is my favourite so far but I’m planning to work my way through all of them! Last much longer than I expected and leaves my skin feeling smooth and itch-free.

  3. Beth (verified owner)

    These soaps are beautiful and smell divine, they arrived really quickly even with everything that’s going on. I love that there is a packaging free option and they arrived in perfect condition, thank you!

  4. Anna Perotti (verified owner)

    Now that washing our hands is more important than ever, we loved to use Lovely Greens soaps! They smell heavenly and keep our hands soft and smooth even when you spend lots of time gardening ;) We also love that they came with no packaging yet in perfect conditions.

  5. Judy Chandler (verified owner)

    Beautiful products I’ve tried the soap and the body balms and I love them. They make my skin feel lovely and smooth. My hands and shins get very dry and itchy especially in the winter and these have helped stop that

  6. Lianne Gribble (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this soap trio. I went for Sunny Calendula, Rose Geranium and Natural Lavender. All of them were wonderful and I will definitely be buying again!

  7. Susanne (verified owner)

    Love these soaps. Have bought them the second time now. Lovely smell, great to have so many different flavours to choose from and they are great for my skin. Would recommend without hesitation.

  8. Janice Caine

    A huge thank you for these lovely soaps. They smell really wonderful and lather well. I received them very quickly and love the eco friendly packaging. I’d recommend to everyone.

  9. Laura Carney (verified owner)

    I also found out about Tanya from Gardener’s World. I have now ordered two sets of these soaps and I love them! They are reasonably priced, come without plastic packaging (very important to me), smell wonderful, lather really well and last for ages. Buying the trio means that I can give some soap to friends and family and keep some for me too! I intend to keep buying these for the foreseeable future :).

  10. Louise Nelson

    I found out about Tanya from watching gardeners world. It sounded amazing what she is doing so ordered some of her products. I was impressed with the service as they arrived the next day and the products are lovely. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you

  11. Karen Lunt

    Despite being overwhelmed with orders, Tanya dispatched my soaps amazingly quickly. All three are very gentle on the skin, firm to hold and smell beautiful. This site has been a great find.

  12. Cheryl (verified owner)

    I love my trio of your handmade soaps Tanya! Bringing the scents of your allotment garden into my home was the best decision I ever made! The soaps are a dream. Sunny Calendula with the lovely yellow embedded petals and what a scent! I’m so impressed with your service and delivery (I’ve never received such a detailed delivery note before), and of course the soaps themselves. All three are an absolute dream. I’ll be keeping these, but will be back for gifts now that these soaps are back in stock ! I love that they are packaging-free too! Thank you.

  13. Shine (verified owner)

    Thank you Tanya, wow the beautiful smell that greeted my senses on opening the natural soaps; your products can only come from a naturally wonderful place! I will definitely be a regular for ordering the soaps and will be looking out for them being back in stock, thank you for sending my order so quickly

  14. Pia

    I am , into my 4th year, a faithful consumer of Lovely Greens soaps. I can’t help giving away now and again either. The whole concept is amazing , everything sustainable. Sadly I’m too far away for soaps classes . But luckily Tanya is an very effective dispatcher when I run out. Thanks …

  15. Ria Evans (verified owner)

    : ) Many many thanks : ) the smell as opening the package was so comforting and very welcomed : ) I want to say my senses and body are sensitive, but really it’s that it knows what’s best for it and these soaps (herbal/ Calendula/Cedarwood&Lemongrass/LemonyMayChung/ Peppermint&SeaKelp) and Strawberry/ Peppermint Lip balms are beautifully awesome : )
    Lip balms were gifts – one for mother which she loves, the other for son he’s yet to receive as the order arrived super fast : )
    Love the eco friendly packaging : )
    Extremely content and happy customer, Thank you again : )

  16. Shirley Hunter (verified owner)

    I discovered Lovely Greens’ products whilst on a visit to the IoM and haven’t looked back. They are amazing. I won’t buy any other soaps since using theirs 😊

  17. Colleen Harris (verified owner)

    Wonderful products!

  18. Pia (verified owner)

    Oh must add a vital detail. Have been using soap in my hair for at least 2 and a half years. Highly recommenable. First week or 2 the detox tangles and feels dry and icky, doesn’t look so.

  19. Pia (verified owner)

    HI Tanya I want you to know that since I started washing my hair with soap and only your soap my hair is doing so well. No itchy scalp, thicker and more lustrous hair. Really feels healthy. I’m so thankful bc I had huge hair problems before.
    No molting, easy to brush , easy to wash. Once or twice a year a hair cure , no conditioner, rinse occasionally in Apple cider vinegar.
    Really I’ve gone all in.
    I’m really pleased.
    My hair is down to my waist but always put up. Almost always. At least when I’m away from home.
    Great soap.
    Still got more bars.

    -/ Pia 😊✌💪🌻💥

  20. ilove2shop4 (verified owner)

    Lovely soaps, they smell wonderful and last a while-I love flower of flowers and rose geranium & lavender. I can’t wait to try the rest, definitely a great gift to yourself or someone else!!! Thanks.

  21. Dorothy Donatello

    Love your soaps, they smell wonderful and they are my come to buy soaps all the time. My daughters want them as gifts for themselves, funny how the husbands just start using them and they disappear much more quickly! Ah well soon Merry Christmas gifts to be ordered.

  22. Wendy

    I just wanted to let you know my soap order arrived Saturday morning, since then I’ve been using the lavender/oatmeal soap, it’s just so lovely. I always buy home/handmade soaps and this has had the most lather by far, and the scent….. love it. All three smell wonderful so I look forward to trying the others, thank-you for the prompt delivery, I think I shall probably be trying some of your other products.

  23. Kathrin

    I have to agree with other customers, your soaps are perfect also because they do not melt away or get soggy lying on the sink. Keep up the great work! :-) (Review also on Peppermint & Sea Kelp Soap)

  24. Janine (verified owner)

    A big thank you to Tanya and her wonderful customer service.
    The soaps arrived promptly and were well packaged.
    As one was a little under weight, Tanya had added a fourth soap. All smell amazing and I have used the Honey and Oatmeal. Lathers well.
    Will be recommending to
    Others. X

  25. tamsinjademoore (verified owner)

    I use the Natural Oatmeal soap as I have veryyy sensitive skin, and I absolutely love it. It is very mild whilst still being cleansing, and there are no nasties in the ingredients list!

  26. [email protected] (verified owner)

    These soaps are wonderful! They lather well and last a long time. The Gardeners Soap in particular is very moisturising and soothing, very good after a day in the garden or just for general use.

  27. Karen Inston

    Love the sunshine soap (after trying the sunshine bath bombs) and the lavender oatmeal soap – have yet to try the other ones, but will be visiting your stall at one of the next events.

  28. Dorothy Donatello (verified owner)

    May 23 2013
    Dorothy Donatello
    oops forgot to sign my review girl from USA

  29. Dorothy Donatello (verified owner)

    I have received a wonderful order from Tanya all the way to the USA. Thanks Tanya! My order included 4 soaps and one minty lipgloss love them all! Just a thought how about Lembalm as a scent? No matter another order is on the way my daughters are TAKING my soap and my husband too help!

  30. Ashley (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself as I like nice bath products. The delivery was very quick and products well packed. As soon as I opened the package I could smell the wonderful scent of soaps. I’ve only tried lavender & oatmeal so far but it lathers very well (lots of suds) when used with a loofah and it remains quite firm (although I wouldn’t recommend leaving any soap lying in a pool of water!) Can’t wait to try the others :)

  31. [email protected] (verified owner)

    My husband bought me these for Valentines Day and I have to say they are beautiful.
    Very pleased. Thank you so much.

  32. Alice

    I bought this trio as a present for someone for christmas, but I liked the smell so much I kept them for myself! Really delicious soap, and well made too. So often handmade soap goes all soggy, but not these! Highly recommended.

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