Guide to Natural Soapmaking (Ebook)


A natural soapmaking guide that will teach you how to confidently make soap from scratch using all-natural ingredients such as natural colorants, essential oils, herbs, and flowers


Learn to make natural soap at home with this detailed ebook guide from soapmaking teacher Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens.

Do you want to make natural soap but don’t know where to begin? This guide is designed with you in mind. Written by experienced soapmaking teacher Tanya Anderson, it will walk you through the full process of making cold-process soap from start to finish. In its 68 pages, you’ll learn about the ingredients you can use, including natural colorants, essential oils, and decorating soap with dried herbs and flowers. You’ll also learn about infusing oils with botanical colorants, soapmaking equipment and safety, and get printable soap recipes. This natural soapmaking guide answers practically everything you might ask about natural cold-process soapmaking and gently leads you through making your first batches of soap.

What’s in the Guide to Natural Soapmaking

  • Detailed information on natural soap ingredients, including oils, lye, and botanicals
  • An introduction to soap-making equipment, including molds
  • Step-by-step walk-through of cold-process soap making, including a safety check-list
  • Soapmaking oils chart
  • Natural soap colorants chart
  • Essential oils for soap recipes chart
  • Six small-batch soap recipes that make 6-8 bars each
  • Full description of soapmaking topics, including temperatures and superfats
  • Tips on where to get soap-making ingredients and avoiding common mistakes

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This is a beginner’s guide complete with 68 pages of full-color photographs, beginner soap recipes, and answers to practically everything you might ask. Tanya has been giving in-person soap-making workshops for over six years and understands how to gently lead you through making your first batches of cold-process soap.

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Lovely Greens Physical Book

This guide is written by Tanya Anderson, author of A Woman’s Garden, Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things (February 2021). The physical book introduces seven categories of useful plants and ways to use them in beauty, medicine, food, home cleaning, and artisan crafts. Tanya also wrote a second ebook, Calendula: A Guide to Growing and Using It in Skincare.


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